Committed a Bizarre Crime??????

With the technology that fills society today, think twice before getting into an accident and turning it into road rage. On Wednesday, KSNV, Channel 3 News, reported that a 34-year-old woman driver had just exploded into crazy road rage after making an incorrect lane change during on I-95 Thursday afternoon in Las Vegas. That would

Bank Robbery by a Woman is Unusual

The Las Vegas Sun recently reported that a woman, whose name has been withheld, was arrested for allegedly robbing two Las Vegas banks just an hour apart. She went into Wells Fargo first and then went to the Bank of America one hour later. The suspect was later arrested by the Las Vegas police only

Murder is Death with Consequences

Murder is defined as the “attack against a person,” and it is by far the most serious criminal act that comes to trial. There are varying degrees of an “attack against a person,” some of which include manslaughter, attempted murder, trafficking, justifiable homicide, and self-defense, and the penalties take on the degrees of punishment to

Human Traffickers in Las Vegas?

Kidnapping has a new face in society, and it is called Human Trafficking. Human Trafficking is a complex, brutal, demoralizing crime that claims mostly women and children at over 28 million victims worldwide. Nevada and the streets of Las Vegas are also involved with this commercial sex and slave trade industry. Metro Police Department has

Who Gets Charged for Domestic Violence?

The common perception of Domestic Violence is two people living together where the man is assaulting or battering the female. This scenario leads the arrests, but actually, violent actions from the woman, man, either spouse or even a roommate fall into the definition of NRS 33.018. The language makes it clear: Domestic Violence occurs when