RevolverAn indictment has been handed down for a Clark County man accused of murdering his landlords. Gary and Bonny Cravish were allegedly shot by Mark Carpenter in May. The bodies were discovered by the couple's daughter. In addition to being charged with murder and burglary, Carpenter is also facing two counts of discharging a firearm from within a structure in a populated area.

Though it seems like the least serious of the charges, discharging a firearm from within a structure actually carries heavy penalties. NRS 202.287 covers discharging a firearm from a structure or vehicle. The law prohibits wanton and malicious use of a firearm inside any building, including tents, or vehicle. There are a few exceptions to this prohibition. For instance, a person who discharges a firearm inside a structure as part of their lawful business would likely not be charged under NRS 202.287.

The penalties can include up to 15 years in state prison and a $5,000 fine. Moreover, a person convicted under NRS 202.287 may lose their gun rights. If you are facing similar charges, then you need to act quickly. Hiring a Las Vegas criminal defense attorney is the first step. The practitioners at the Potter Law Offices stand ready to vigorously defend your rights.

Hand with tweezers holding id photo over passport as if forging the travel documents

Identity theft comes in many forms and it's often tied up with other crimes. That's the case with John Gibson and Juan Rodriguez, two Las Vegas residents who have been arraigned on identity theft charges in addition to possession of a counterfeit U.S. Postal Service key and stolen mail.

The two men are accused of using their counterfeit keys to access mail boxes in Las Vegas and Henderson. Officials think they stole U.S. Treasury checks and fraudulently used credit cards in addition to stealing mail.

Identity theft crimes are categorized under NRS Chapter 205, which deals with crimes against property. A person accused of an identity theft crime is prosecuted in federal court with the Identity Theft and Assumption Deterrence Act of 1998. In addition to large fines, individuals convicted under the act may be looking at up to 25 years in prison.

Being accused of identity theft in Nevada is no small matter. Even if you believe the charges are the result of an innocent mistake on your part, you need to protect yourself and your interests. The criminal defense attorneys at the Potter Law Offices are willing to defend you against Las Vegas identity theft charges. With their assistance the charges against you may be reduced or dropped.

Prostitution text on sound block & gavelThe city of Henderson is considering a moratorium that would prevent new massage parlors from opening for a four month period. Currently, the city has 83 licensed massage parlors. While the majority of these operate within the limits of the law, there are some that officials suspect of dealing in prostitution and sex trafficking.

Police have been dealing with the problem by handing out misdemeanor citations to individuals, but the businesses themselves remain open and operational. Typically, this happens because the owner simply opens the business under a new license. If the ban goes into effect, this process will be disrupted and several amendments may be made that are aimed at putting certain massage parlors out of business.

People who are suspected of sex trafficking are charged under NRS 201.300. Essentially, sex trafficking is defined as forcing an individual to engage in prostitution. There are separate penalties depending upon the age of the individual. For instance, the consequences may be more severe if the individual is younger than 13.

If you have been accused of sex trafficking under NRS 201.300, then you need competent, aggressive legal counsel. The practitioners at the Potter Law Offices are seasoned criminal defense attorneys who are willing to listen to your side of the story.

domestic violence

The Nevada Network Against Domestic Violence recently released statistics that suggest an increasing number of domestic violence victims are seeking help from state-funded agencies. Most of the 40,000 people who relied on these services live in Clark County, but a significant number reside in Washoe County. Administrators working within these programs think that the Ray Rice domestic violence incident may have helped raise awareness, sparking a greater number of calls to their organizations in 2014.

Domestic violence is a sensitive issue that should be taken seriously. Nonetheless, NRS 200.485, which deals with battery domestic violence, is sometimes misapplied. If you are found guilty of violating NRS 200.485, the consequences are devastating. With fines, community service and jail time all on the table it's important to secure competent legal representation.

Domestic violence charges in Nevada can derail a life and adversely affect the well-being of your entire family. The criminal defense attorneys at the Potter Law Offices are cognizant of the sensitive issues that surround accusations of domestic violence. They work carefully but vigilantly to defend their clients. With their assistance domestic violence charges have been reduced or dropped.

Defenses against Nevada domestic violence charges are available, but it's best to start early by hiring a reliable criminal defense attorney.

An ethernet cable is run through a lock. This can represent internet safety, virus, firewall or network protection.

A former Republican Party chairman for Nevada is sitting behind bars. Steve Wark has been convicted of conspiracy to commit mail and wire fraud. While he received a one year and one day sentence, Wark might have gotten up to 30 years in prison and a one million dollar fine. However, prosecutors were willing to accept a lighter sentence in view of Wark's willingness to provide information about other conspirators and for testifying at their trials.

Like other states, Nevada is a hotbed of white collar crimes. Perhaps the most common of these is wire fraud. These cases are usually charged at the federal level under 18 U.S.C. Section 1343. Wire fraud is really quite basic. Anyone who uses wire communications to commit fraud may be charged with the crime. This can include sending emails or calling people on the telephone. However, people who attempt to defraud others using the television or radio may also be similarly charged.

Several good defenses against wire fraud charges are available. However, these cases tend to be very complex. That's why it's important to work with experienced Las Vegas criminal defense lawyers. The practitioners at the Potter Law Offices work tirelessly to protect the interests of their clients and bring about a desirable conclusion.

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