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A man is in the custody of Las Vegas police after robbing a business and then stealing a cab. Initially the cab driver was behind the wheel, but he surrendered to authorities after they gave chase. The robber jumped into the driver's seat and took off, eventually crashing before fleeing on foot. All of his efforts were for naught. Now he's likely to be facing a slew of charges.

The crime of automobile theft is covered under NRS 205.228, also known as Nevada's grand theft auto law. A conviction carries heavy penalties. However, the suspect in this case may be looking at even more time since the car theft occurred in conjunction with the commission of other crimes.

If you've been accused of stealing a car under NRS 205.228, don't hesitate to seek out competent legal advice. The Nevada criminal defense attorneys at the Potter Law Offices have been providing superior legal services for years. They firmly believe that every client is entitled to a zealous defense, and they do their utmost to get the charges against their clients reduced or dropped.

With their comprehensive legal knowledge and years of experience, the attorneys at the Potter Law Offices are prepared to offer helpful advice and to fight to help you maintain your freedom. Contact them today to schedule a consultation.

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Former physician Dipak Desai has been convicted on state and federal charges relating to massive Medicare fraud and causing a hepatitis C outbreak. Among the allegations against the doctor were accusations of routinely overcharging Medicare. Desai also pressured practitioners in his clinic to see unrealistic numbers of patients each day, resulting in a practice that was like an assembly line. Moreover, Desai was charged with using unsafe injection practices that resulted in thousands of people being exposed to hepatitis C. One of those patients died while hundreds of others now live with the disease.

Health insurance fraud is governed by NRS 422. Desai's case is an egregious one, and he will be serving sentences in state and federal prison. If you've been accused of fraud under NRS 422, then it's time to hire a dedicated Las Vegas criminal defense lawyer.

The practitioners at the Potter Law Offices have solid reputations as Nevada criminal defense attorneys. Each client receives the time and personal attention that their situation deserves because these lawyers realize that lives and freedom may depend upon the quality of legal representation they receive.

With a commitment to justice and the firm belief that everyone deserves to be treated fairly before the law, the attorneys at the Potter Law Offices are ready to provide you with reliable legal advice.

Scales of justice, law books and gavel over dark backgroundPotter Law Firm represents and wins criminal defense cases in such areas as drug crimes and trafficking NRS 453 and DUI/DWIs NRS 484, Hit and Runs NRS 484, vehicular/ felony homicide NRS 484, domestic violence NRS 484, gaming fraud NRS 465, health care fraud NRS 422, bribery and racketeering NRS 207, extortion, embezzlement and fraud NRS 205, possession of stolen vehicles and property NRS 205, battery 200, felony murder NRS 200 and Mr. Potter specializes in complex combinations of these charges.

Criminal defense lawyers handle situations that surround the individual arrested for criminal activities, which typically include issues in the arrest, the alleged charges, the investigation, sentencing and any appeals or post-trial issues. The case is won on the knowledge and experience the lawyer has in the court system, the Constitution, the federal and state statutes and your specific charges, so the right criminal defense attorney makes all the difference in the outcome of your case.

Cal Potter has 30 years of experience in Las Vegas NV, which carries a unique share of unusual crimes. An inexperienced lawyer doesn't have the knowledge and skill developed that a professional attorney like Cal Potter has, and he personally directs all the cases that come to Potter Law Firm.

If you want the best outcome possible, especially for circumstances that appear overwhelming, contact Potter Law Firm for a free consultation from our exceptional team of lawyers.

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Visitors come to Las Vegas to play the games and most use a casino markers. When it is time to leave, don't neglect to repay your marker because it is a crime to skip out on them. Clark County will put a warrant out for your arrest quickly.

Gamblers who have racked up $10,000 have been found and forced to repay the casinos; skipping out on a casino marker NRS 205 does not involve much punishment.

The time to call Cal Potter is when the police have arrested you on additional charges to the Casino Marker NRS 205. When arrested for injuries or death in a felony DUI NRS 484, hit and run accident NRS 484, vehicular homicide NRS 484 or drug trafficking NRS 484, the case becomes more difficult. It is these types of cases that Mr. Potter excels in.

Cal Potter has built a superior law firm in his 30 years of service to the community that holds an excellent reputation and is AV-rated at the highest level. The steadily growing staff works diligently and aggressively with Mr. Potter to bring success and satisfaction to his clients. By selecting a first-rate legal team, clients can rest assured that they are receiving first-rate attention to their case, and they can find hope again.

When you have been arrested and need expert legal help, contact Cal Potter for a free consultation to discuss the details.

OverviewThe Las Vegas Police take their job seriously especially in arresting and incarcerating someone who allegedly committed a crime. If you have been arrested, you have likely been taken to jail for your arraignment and to determine your bail.

This process can be devasting and confusing for someone arrested for the first time, and it can greatly affect your career and your family relationships because all your arrest information is made public. The legal entities in the process explain very little about what is happening to you; they give you just enough information, but it's never enough. It is vital at this point to obtain a criminal lawyer like Cal Potter that can unravel the confusion and explain the charges.

You may have been charged with several charges, for instance Grand Larceny NRS 205, Possession of Controlled Substances/Drugs for sale NRS 453, DUI accident NRS 484 and Battery on a Police Officer NRS 200, so the process is more extensive and you are liable for more serious sanctions.

Cal Potter specializes in the difficult cases. He has 30 years of practicing criminal law in Nevada, and he is an expert in this field. With a superior legal team behind him, he confidently unravels the details of your arrest and represents the average citizen. You have no reason to worry as a client of the Potter Law Firm because they have an excellent reputation in attaining best possbile outcome. Contact

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