Criminal Defense Overview

Being charged with a crime is stressful, and the consequences of being found guilty are serious. That’s why selecting an experienced criminal defense attorney is so important.

In Nevada, people may face criminal charges for violating state or federal laws. Sometimes these laws conflict with each other. Even when they agree, changes to the laws are frequent. It’s reasons like these that make hiring a knowledgeable criminal defense attorney vital. You need assistance from someone who has built a career through staying informed regarding the most complex criminal codes.

For gathering relevant evidence, advising you of your rights and ensuring the protection of your interests, you can’t go wrong with a competent criminal defense attorney.

Domestic violence charges are divisive and difficult to resolve. That’s why it’s important to hire experienced legal counsel as soon as possible.

Sometimes the victims of domestic violence aren’t just the spouse or children of the accused. The accused person also may be victim. Allegations of domestic abuse have the power to cast doubt over a person’s character whether they are found guilty or not. It’s a complex situation that deserves responsive, aggressive defense.

The potential penalties for being found guilty of domestic violence are tough. In addition, a conviction may bar you from certain jobs or adversely affect your reputation for the rest of your life. A good legal strategy is your best defense.


A person who is charged with embezzlement may find that their ability to earn a living is impaired. Even worse, they may find themselves facing time in jail. It’s vital to act quickly after being charged with embezzlement by hiring a qualified defense attorney.

Embezzlement involves wrongfully diverting a company’s property for personal profit. Most often, this property is cash, but it may be stocks or the goods manufactured by the business. Even a person who believes they are innocent requires aggressive legal defense. In fact, a sound legal strategy may even be able to get the charges reduced or dropped.

An embezzling conviction carries serious penalties, so don’t delay in locating a defense attorney.

Casino Markers

Millions of tourists come to Las Vegas to gamble. Unfortunately, some people get in over their heads by taking out a casino loan. A loan from a casino is known as a marker, and it’s a crime not to pay back this debt.

Because the gaming industry is big business in Nevada, it’s not too surprising that the laws governing casino markers are particularly tough. The state looks upon an unpaid casino marker the way that other states view bad checks. Anyone found guilty may be looking at felony charges and penalties from both civil and criminal courts.

Good criminal defense is essential to dealing with charges of failing to pay back a casino marker.

DUI in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is a city with a reputation as a place where people can let their hair down. Couple that with the huge number of tourists who visit it, and you have a recipe for plenty of alcohol consumption.

While it may look like Las Vegas is an “anything goes” type of place, there are strict laws against driving under the influence just as there are in other places. This means that there are tough penalties for being found guilty of DUI. Unfortunately, a large number of defendants choose not to hire legal counsel to defend their rights.

Being convicted of a DUI in Las Vegas carries serious consequences that may affect you for years.

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