Resisting Arrest Charges Can Mean Big Trouble

Being arrested is an emotional experience. It’s not unusual to feel that you are being wrongfully or unfairly treated. Accordingly, it’s fairly easy to have charges under NRS 199.280 added to your charges.

NRS 199.280 refers to resisting arrest in Nevada. Anyone who interferes with a police officer carrying out their duties may be charged with resisting arrest under NRS 199.280. People who are accused of this crime may attempt to flee or struggle when a cop tries to handcuff them. Other people have attempted to take an officer’s weapon. Still others may verbally abuse a police official. Any of these behaviors may result in charges under NRS 199.280.

You’re under extreme duress if the police are arresting you. Many of your actions may be tied to an instinctive fight or flight response. Moreover, you may have had no intent to resist but felt that you needed to defend yourself. The point is that there are many defenses for the person who has been charged under NRS 199.280. You need to have a criminal defense team like the Potter Law Offices on your side if you hope to fight the charges.

The penalties for violating NRS 199.280 can be severe and may be augmented by penalties for any other crimes you may have been accused of committing. Contact Cal Potter in Las Vegas to craft a legal defense for you.

Being convicted of a sex crime in Nevada has serious consequences. Depending upon the specific crime, the defendant may be facing several years in prison and steep fines. Even worse, many defendants have to register in Nevada as a sex offender.

The penalties for failing to register as a sex offender can include felony charges under NRS 179D.550. Many people who have been convicted of a sex crime in Nevada are at least tempted to not comply with the court order that requires them to register. Sex offender registration can prevent an individual from renting an apartment or getting a job they want. The sex offender register is public information, which means that neighbors, friends and potential employers may have ready access to the information.

Without a doubt, this can be an embarrassing situation, and it may adversely affect a person’s ability to lead the life they desire. Nonetheless, being accused under NRS 179D.550 is worse. It’s important to realize that in the eyes of the court, innocently neglecting to register is just as serious as willfully disobeying the order to register. Penalties under NRS 179D.550 include several years in prison and substantial fines.

Defenses are available if you are accused under NRS 179D.550. You’ll need experienced legal representation from a criminal defense firm like the Potter Law Offices. With their assistance, you’ll craft a defense that protects your rights.

Probation Violations in Las Vegas

Many defendants in Nevada who are convicted of a crime are sentenced to serve probation. It’s not unusual for someone serving probation to be accused of violating it. That’s why there’s NRS 176A, which deals with the individual’s right to a probation revocation hearing.

A judge may order probation as a means of rehabilitation. The terms can vary widely. Some people may be required to attend Nevada DUI school or counseling. Others may have to perform community service, pay fines or comply with a restraining order.

Most probation sentences last from three to five years, although some may be shorter. Still, that’s a long time to have to comply with what may be a long list of rules and restrictions. It isn’t difficult to run afoul of one of these requirements over time periods that stretch to a few years.

NRS 176A helps to safeguard the rights of the person on probation by guaranteeing them a hearing if they are accused of violating probation. It’s a little bit like a trial, but no jury is present and a judge makes the final decision as to whether or not probation has been violated.

If you have been accused under NRS 176A, you are entitled to competent legal representation by the Potter Law Offices. As experienced criminal defense attorneys, we can help you fight for your rights at your NRS 176A hearing.

Charges of securities fraud in Nevada come with serious consequences. NRS 90 deals with investment and securities fraud, and it forbids anyone from distributing false information that is designed to induce people to buy or sell stocks.

Infractions under NRS 90 range from a broker putting a client’s funds into a highly risky stock without appropriately disclosing the level of risk to creating a fake account. Brokers who make trades without permission or who engage in unnecessary buying and selling in order to generate extra commissions may also be accused under NRS 90.

Officials in Nevada are cracking down on violations of NRS 90. Consequences can include several years in prison and hefty fines. Moreover, many people who have been convicted or even just accused of breaking NRS 90 may find it difficult to obtain future employment in their chosen field.

That’s why having the right representation matters. If you have been accused of a crime under NRS 90, contact the Potter Criminal Defense team. The professionals at this Las Vegas criminal defense firm have many years of experience, and they’ll see that you get the defense you deserve. Securities fraud cases are always complicated. Defending such a case requires great tenacity, attention to detail and knowledge regarding the subject matter. Let Potter Criminal Defense¬†craft an aggressive defense for you so you can move on with your life and career.

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Las Vegas Elder Abuse Attorney

Elder Abuse in Nevada

Elder abuse is a devastating crime, but sometimes people are charged under NRS 200.5099 because of a misunderstanding or an unintentional accident. NRS 200.5099 covers a broad expanse of crimes that include the neglect, abuse, isolation or exploitation of citizens who are older than 59.

Usually these cases begin simply enough. Someone unfamiliar with the situation notices that an elderly person doesn’t seem to be in the best of health. They may have a bruise or health concern that seems out of the ordinary. In no time, law enforcement and social services agencies are wanting to talk to the elder’s caregiver. Sometimes this involves taking the caregiver into custody or attempting to force them to submit to questioning.

It’s easy for outsiders to misconstrue an elderly person’s circumstances. A bruise can be the result of a harmless accident or even of a medical treatment. A caregiver may be permitted access to the elder person’s finances without exploitation occurring. However, someone looking in from the outside may not be able to distinguish between what’s normal and what’s abuse.

If you’re being contacted by social service agencies or the police about a matter related to elder abuse, you are entitled to legal representation. Contact us to make certain your rights are protected.

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