Businessman in Simple Bribe ConceptLas Vegas has millions of hotel rooms. To access one of those rooms, it's necessary to have a key card. Unfortunately, it's easy for people to lose track of these cards while they are gambling, shopping and enjoying all of the entertainment that the city offers. That means that the wrong person can get possession of that key card and gain unlawful access to a hotel room.

Nevada has so many hotel rooms that the government enacted NRS 205.900. This is the law governing unlawful hotel key use. There are many circumstances in which charges under NRS 205.900 may be brought. One of these involves a hotel employee who secretly obtains a key card and then uses it to enter a room for illegal purposes like doing drugs or for engaging the services of a prostitute. Another common circumstance relates to swiping a key card to gain access to a hotel room with the intent of stealing hotel or guest property.

In addition to being charged under NRS 205.900, a person arrested for this crime may be charged with burglary, theft, prostitution or drug possession. Clearly, being found guilty of even one of these crimes would bring serious consequences. Being convicted for more than one can mean losing your freedom and being required to pay substantial fines.

The practitioners at the Potter Law Offices treat each client with respect and understanding. With their experience in the Nevada criminal courts, they are well-qualified to represent you against charges under NRS 205.900.

Man-JailWhat does it mean to be a habitual criminal? It means different things in different states. In Nevada NRS 207.010 defines what it means to be a habitual criminal.

NRS 207.010 is rather like a three strikes and you're out law. Essentially, a person who is convicted of a felony while they already have two felonies on their record may be subject to a sentence of life in prison. In fact, if you're convicted of a third felony, that in itself is considered a crime and may mean that you are subject to additional penalties over and above those that pertain to the actual crime you are accused of committing.

Habitual felons, which are defined under NRS 207.012, are those people who are convicted of three felonies that may include murder, soliciting someone to commit murder, kidnapping, robbery, arson, human trafficking and a host of other crimes. Three convictions for these felonies may result in a life sentence in prison.

There is also a law for habitual fraudulent felons. NRS 207.014 pertains specifically to people who are convicted of three or more fraudulent crimes, and may carry a maximum penalty of 20 years in prison.

Facing charges under these laws is particularly serious. Having a competent, experienced Las Vegas criminal defense attorney at your side is essential as your day in court draws near. Contact the attorneys at the Potter Law Offices to schedule a consultation today. When you are facing habitual criminal charges, there is no time to lose.

C. J. Potter

C. J. Potter

If You Don't Have a Trial Lawyer with Credibility, You Don't Have Much

When it comes to your defense, there are few trial lawyers in Nevada that have better qualities or more experience than Cal Potter. Cal lives by the motto that all people deserve to have their day in court and that the United States would run more efficiently if more attorneys practiced that. Cal Potter opened the Potter Law Firm in 1984, so he has over three decades of experience as a criminal defense attorney, and when you’re looking for a trail lawyer to win your case, experience matters.

An excellent trial lawyer is identified by certain traits that are often innate and typically very evident. When you are born with these traits, a lawyer becomes an expert trial attorney when he/she hones them until they become a part of his skill set. As an experienced trial lawyer, Cal Potter began developing his trial and research skills with his first case, and today he is an expert in his craft. The AV rating gives Mr. Potter the highest ratings as does the ratings from his peers.

A trait that must be foundational for a trial lawyer is credibility or trust. Cal Potter works every day in the legal system trusting clients, judges, jurors and the opposing counsel and being trusted by these same people. Being trustworthy is necessary for effective representation, and one can only earn it over time. Mr. Potter has been representing criminal defense clients in Las Vegas for 35 years.

When Mr. Potter makes a promise to you, he keeps that promise, and you can count on it. If you have been charged with a crime, call the Potter Law Firm and schedule a free consultation. At this meeting, you will be able to discuss the details of your arrest, and learn from a credible source what your rights are in Nevada.

potter 012Confidence is a Key Characteristic in a Trial Lawyer

Surprisingly few people charged with crimes know how to select the right lawyer for the specific situation. There is no way to look at a professional and know if they could be the best attorney for your situation. You have to dig deeper to see what makes him tick. There are clues that lead you in the right direction, such as identifying the difference in practices. No one would ever choose the same attorney to draw up a will as they would to represent them in a court of law on drug trafficking (NRS 484) or casino fraud (NRS) charges. Certain characteristics, like confidence, are key in an expert trial attorney.  Believe it or not, most attorneys do not even go to trial, the attorneys at the Potter Criminal Defense team excels in the courtroom.

Cal Potter is an experienced trial attorney who thrives on the complicated cases of drug possession (NRS 484), trafficking (NRS 484), violent crimes (NRS 200), casino markers (NRS 205), robbery (NRS 205), battery (NRS 200) and felony DUI/DWIs (NRS 484). Mr. Potter has been practicing law for over three decades, and he has the confidence both in himself and in his trial skills to expertly try a case and have the outcome be positive. Confidence is one of the certain traits that is required for a criminal defense attorney to succeed.

After three decades practicing law in Las Vegas, Mr. Potter has proven his success rate in the courtroom, and he is confident in his abilities as a trial lawyer. During the trial, the attorney makes hundreds of decisions and assessments concerning both the progress of presenting his evidence as well as the pace, timing, mood of the court, the value of the prosecutor’s evidence and the element of time. As a confident trial lawyer, Cal Potter takes all these split second decision in stride, and that is one of the reasons behind his consistent ability to bring successful outcomes.

C. J. Potter

C. J. Potter

Why Does an Expert Trial Attorney Ask so Many Questions?

An experienced criminal defense lawyer excels in both research and litigation, and these two opposing functions are necessary to effectively win the case. Cal Potter has developed these over the past three decades and uses them with skill. The Potter Law Firm is a thorough investigative team that supports the successful litigator. Mr. Potter has acquired personal traits that enable him to be an accomplished and expert trial attorney in Nevada.

The Potter Law Firm consists of a powerful legal staff that excels in research and investigation. This excellent staff, hand-picked for their specific talents, supports Cal Potter in every case. They are dedicated and compassionate, so the client receives the benefits of this specialized, professional law firm, which works side-by-side with Attorney Cal Potter.

An effective trial lawyer relies on his level of confidence, honesty, ability to control the courtroom and his innate curiosity, which often reaches beyond the boundaries of a trial lawyer. This broader perspective allows an expert litigator, like Cal Potter, to concentrate on every detail when focused on a case. Asking the questions of who, what and when are expected, but Cal Potter, who has a curiosity for learning, exceeds those limits in a trial to obtain every bit of knowledge that he needs to create his defense.

Experienced trial attorneys know that the solutions in a courtroom may come from the most unusual places, and you need to be prepared. Mr. Potter says that it's all about perspective, and he has asked the right questions at the right times for thousands of clients. He uses the details to his advantage. When working on a difficult case, Cal Potter knows that you must rely on the evidence at hand, but also be aware of how it is portrayed. Curiosity is a trait that separates an accomplished and successful trial attorney from the pack.

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