Find Help for Homicide Charges in Las Vegas 

Las Vegas courts will only charge individuals with homicide if the court determines that enough evidence exists to prove the charge. Before the court charges you with homicide, the prosecutor will argue to the grand jury that he or she has enough evidence to push the case forward. Once the court charges you, you need to appear in the courtroom. Some defendants receive bail, which lets them go home until the trial starts, while others wait in jail until the trial.

Cal Potter understands the importance of homicide cases. As one of the leading defense attorneys in Las Vegas, he helped multiple clients prove their innocence in a courtroom. Nevada is one of many states that currently has a death penalty, and dozens of people now sit on death row in prisons located around the state.

Homicide charges can include:

*1st degree murder
*Involuntary manslaughter
*Attempted murder

The court can also issue a charge of vehicular manslaughter, voluntary manslaughter, 2nd degree murder or third degree murder. Unless you have experience in the legal world, you might not understand the differences between each charge. Depending on the charge, you might face several years in prison or even the death penalty.

When someone you care about faces a homicide charge, you need to act fast. These cases can drag on for years, but the more help you have by your side, the faster you can take care of things. Schedule an appointment with us to talk about your charge or the homicide charges a loved one faces.

Facing Felony Charges? Call Potter Law Offices

A felony charge can reduce your chances of landing a new job, change the way that loved ones think and feel about you and even impact the way you live your life. Here at Potter Law Offices, we realize that every situation is different, which is why we offer a customized plan to fighting your felony charge. Felony charges can include:

*Aggravated assault
*Sexual crimes

The sooner that you call us, the sooner we can get to work on your case. Depending on what happened and the charge that you face, we might decide that a plea bargain is your best choice. For example, if the court charges you with a count of felony rape, we might plead that down to one count of misdemeanor sexual imposition.

Pleading down to a lesser charge is a good option when you find that the prosecutor has overwhelming evidence against you. While a misdemeanor will remain on your record, it won’t affect you in the same way that a felony charge would.

We often look at similar cases at the local, state and national level. This helps us find evidence that we can use to request that the court drop or reduce the charges. We will also look at the sentences given to those facing similar charges to help reduce the sentence that you face.

Going through a felony court case is a difficult thing, but we can take some of the stress off your shoulders. Call us to schedule your free felony charge evaluation today.

Reduce DUI Charges with Potter Law Offices

Driving under the influence is one of the most serious car-related crimes you can face in Las Vegas. With so many bars, restaurants, casinos and clubs located within the city limits, it’s far too easy to stop by for a few drinks after work. Those few drinks lead to a few more, and you might find yourself over the legal limit without even realizing it.

One simple mistake shouldn’t impact your life. That is why we offer:

*A free evaluation of your court case
*Methods that can reduce your charge or eliminate that charge completely
*The ability to defend you in court and work out a plea agreement outside of court

Las Vegas has different levels when it comes to DUI charges. The court can charge you with a more serious charge if your blood alcohol level rises above a certain number or you had a minor child in your car. Even if you did a BAC test on-site after the police pulled you over, we can still work with you.

As soon as you get home, call Potter Law Offices with information about your case. This will help us see the circumstances surrounding that charge, including when the incident occurred, what happened and what charges you face. We believe in working with you to fight back against your DUI charge. Whether we get the charges dismissed, get you into a treatment center or get your charges reduced, we can can ensure that your DUI charge doesn’t ruin your life.

The idea of Internet crimes was almost laughable just a few years ago. As more people turned to the Internet on a daily basis, the number of Internet crimes increased. When you face a similar charge and live in the Las Vegas area, Cal Potter is here to help.

Internet crimes refer to any crime that involves the use of a computer and an Internet signal. These crimes can now include activities that use a tablet or a smartphone. Some of the more popular Internet crimes include:

*Sex crimes
*Credit card manipulation
*Identity theft
*Cyber stalking

Depending on the severity of your crime, the court can forbid you from working around computers or using the Internet at home. Many of the cases we handle include sexual activities. If you exchange photographs or information with someone under the legal limit, you can face statutory rape charges and possession of child pornography even if you didn’t know the person’s age.

The Law Office of Cal Potter has years of experience helping people get out of bad situations. Regardless of the charges you face, it’s important that you seek help as soon as possible. After looking at the evidence and reading more about the charges, we can decide the best way to defend you. In addition to defending you, we will work hard to ensure that you understand the potential penalties you face and what you can do today to reduce those charges and avoid those penalties. Scheduling a free appointment is easy when you call our office.

Charged with a DUI in Vegas? Let the Potter Law Firm Help 

Every year, thousands of people come to Vegas to party and have a good time. Many times, their plans also involve a great deal of alcohol. The old saying that “what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas”, won’t be true if you find yourself with a DUI during your visit. The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department is ever-vigilant in watching out for drunk drivers, which means you could face significant fines and penalties if you are charged.First-time DUI offenders could be given up to six months in jail, fines of up to $1,000 and be required to attend a DUI driving course. Those who have a blood alcohol content of .18 or higher could be subject to additional penalties, including an alcohol and drug dependency evaluation, mandatory ignition interlock device on a vehicle, and suspension of their driver’s license for up to 90 days.

The penalties for DUI go up with each subsequent offense. For example, those who have had three or more DUIs can be subject to up to six years in prison. Having a DUI arrest on one’s record can make it difficult to obtain employment, and might even make insurance unaffordable.

Many people fail to hire an attorney when charged with a DUI because they think a conviction is automatic. That’s not necessarily the case, so individuals who have been arrested for a DUI should call the Potter Law Firm at 702-385-1954.

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