Sealing of Records

Having a criminal past can be detrimental to your future. Nevada law may make it possible for you to have your criminal record sealed.

Not all criminal records are eligible for sealing. However, state law has made it possible for many people to have their history sealed from public view. With a clean background, many of these people are able to enter professions that were barred to them. Some have obtained loans or been able to get into college.

The process for having records sealed can be difficult and it requires the assistance of an experienced attorney. The only way to know if you qualify for having your record sealed is with a free consultation.

If you need help with sealing of records in Las Vegas, contact the experts at Potter Criminal Defense. They can be reached at (702) 997-1774.

Why Extend Credit on Markers that Don’t Collect? NRS 205

Las Vegas is known for its high-rollers at the casinos, and when Andrew Pham racked up over $1 million in casino markers and gambling debts in seven different casinos, they decided that was enough.. After not receiving one payment, the casinos asked the Clark County district attorney’s office for help.

Under Nevada Statutes NRS 205, casino markers are defined as legally binding documents very similar to checks. Casinos in Nevada are fairly liberal in extending credit and issuing markers because they are the mainstay of the gambling industry. Patrons do not like to walk around with a pocket full of cash, so casinos offer the markers.

Up until this point, Pham was still gambling accumulating more debt. After four years Pham came to his senses and pleaded guilty in court. The judge ordered him to pay the debt and to stay out of trouble, which might have been the more difficult penalty of the two.

The Same Story Rises Again, but this Time He Stays out of Court

Another gambler also owed the casinos around $1 million, and he too was still found gambling around the Strip hoping to make it back. This gambler was a bit different than Pham in that he has been making payments of $7,000 every month for three years. According to the accounting, he will make good on the entire debt before 2019!

Casino markers are permitted for locals or tourists, but tourists cannot leave town if they are still in debt. If you need a criminal defense lawyer in Las Vegas for anything related to casino markers, call Potter Law Firm at 702-997-1774 anytime.

Las Vegas is known as the Disneyland for adults, and what the city of Las Vegas wants is for tourists to have fun. The Chamber of Commerce encourages fun for everyone with very few consequences or risks throughout the city. Las Vegas is an upgraded tourist town with over 40 million tourists expected every year.

Police and spokesmen for Caesars Entertainment, which owns 10 resorts in the tourist zone including Caesars Palace and Paris Las Vegas is concerned about crime rising along the Strip though statistics show that crime has been declining across the city for the past few years.

Murder, rape, robbery and assault are what are considered violent crime, and in the tourist hub these numbers experienced an overall drop of 13 percent through the first part of 2013.

Casinos are especially concerned about convention business because they help fill the gambling tables during the week. Weekends take care of themselves, but on February 23, a shooting occurred that sent gunshots from vehicle to vehicle and then created a fiery crash that killed two bystanders. These types of crimes are not good for those involved or for Las Vegas. That month also included a bizarre elevator stabbing involving a rapper and two shootings right off the Strip.

Visitors are of primary concern, and Metro Police are doing a phenomenal job lowering the violent crime rate around the casinos and on the Strip. If you or someone you know has been arrested, they need a criminal defense lawyer. By calling Potter Criminal Defense at 702-997-1774 as soon as possible, you can schedule a free consultation and discuss the details of the arrest.

The Majority of The Majority of Crime is Perpetrated by Men, but Women do get Involved.

Though statistics report that more crimes are committed by men, women are still involved. On December 12, the Metro Police sent out a report that they are searching for three to four women who have attacked and robbed people across the Valley. This falls into the category of NRS 200, which states that a Nevada assault crime committed with out the use of a deadly weapon is a misdemeanor and the judge has the option to issue six months of jail and/or a $1,000 fine for a penalty. He can also impose community service instead of jail time, but the punishment also relates to the amount of money taken.

The Profiles of the Suspects in this Case

Two of the suspects were caught in pictures, but all of them are described as black women, and police estimate that they are approximately 18-25 years old, weighing between 100 to 110 pounds and are between 5 foot 3 inches and 5 foot 6 inches tall.

All the suspects have brown hair except for one girl who has orange hair said the police. Metro is still looking for these girls, and they must know they are being watched because there have been no more assaults since the beginning of December.

If you have been arrested for any theft crime including burglary, robbery or shoplifting, whether male or female, you need an experienced criminal defense attorney to represent you in court. Potter Criminal Defense lawyers are located in Las Vegas at 702-997-1774.

OverviewDomestic Violence is Not Always Reported

The state of Nevada is ranked as one of the worst states in the U.S. when it comes to Domestic Violence. Metro Police took over 60,000 calls last year from people who were being assaulted or had been assaulted by someone in their household.

Who Falls Into the Description of a Domestic Violence Abuser and Victim?

On Oct. 20, Las Vegas Sun reported a 52-year-old man had stabbed his ex-wife to death in their home. Jodi Joyce suffered from direct wounds to her chest, by James Joyce, who then stabbed himself in the abdomen to use as a cover. Jodi Joyce died immediately and James Joyce is in the hospital with extremely critical injuries.

The reality is that this case is fairly common in domestic violence, but many cases are not reported. Nevada Statutes NRS 33 explains different scenarios where the
violence does not fit into a husband/wife profile.

The violence could very well be hidden as in other situations, such as a wealthy neighbor who hides the bruises and beatings, so they won’t appear in the society section or a quiet husband who is too ashamed to admit his wife punches when the doors are closed or the woman who endures the beatings of her female partner who loses her temper or even the grandmother who gets pushed around by her impatient son, but keeps her smile.

If any of these situations are familiar or you have assaulted someone in your family, and been charged with domestic violence, you need a skillful lawyer to represent the case in court. Call Potter Criminal Defense at 702-997-1774.

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