C. J. Potter

C. J. Potter

A Professional Trial Lawyer Leads the Trial

If you have been arrested and charged with several felonies, it is not in your best interest to select an average criminal defense attorney for your defense. These types of cases require an expert trial attorney like Cal Potter who has accumulated 30 years of experience and the knowledge that comes with it to represent you aggressively in court before a judge.

The trial is not easy, and many trial lawyers don’t have the confidence or the ability to run the courtroom to bring winning results. When the judge enters the courtroom, it becomes a live improv theatre that requires the trial lawyer to react at his best. He must be familiar with all the courthouse rules, the statutes of the state, the legal agenda, the evidence he is presenting and what the prosecution has presented. He is the star of the show, juggling a hundred things at once. Your trial attorney needs to be able to think quickly on his feet, speak well, interpret quickly, stay focused and above all, create an authoritative presence for your case.

Cal Potter has successfully tried thousands of cases over the past 30 years, and he has achieved a reputation as an expert trial lawyer. Mr. Potter is skilled and aggressive in the courtroom because trials require the talent of managing everything that is happening with specific aggressive trial tactics to construct a winning case. Combined with the meticulous investigation of the Potter Law Firm in Las Vegas, it is clear to see how Cal Potter has attained a highly qualified and professional reputation from his colleagues.

Mr. Potter uses his courtroom skills to help those with the more difficult and confusing cases. If your charges are complicated and they have caused anxiety and fear for you, contact Potter Law Firm for a free consultation.

C. J. Potter

C. J. Potter

Finding a Litigator Who Knows When to Hold Them and How to Fold Them

Achieving the right outcome is vital in any case, but in complicated charges such as drug possession and trafficking, embezzlement, DUI/DWI accidents, assault, robbery and casino fraud, you need a skilled trial attorney. If you have been charged with several felonies, it can be devastating, and if you choose an attorney who is unfamiliar with complicated cases, it could get worse. The best thing to do is to obtain a competent and experienced trial lawyer, like Cal Potter, to secure your rights.

Mr. Potter is equipped with the seasoned characteristics of a successful trial lawyer. Cal Potter has been building his practice and law firm in Las Vegas for over 35 years. He has received highest ratings from his peers and holds a high score on AV ratings. Mr. Potter has argued in front of the Supreme Court and in other trials, won motions to suppress the Federal court. Mr. Potter has an excellent reputation for litigation in Nevada, which precedes him into surrounding states as well.

One of his greatest strengths in litigation is the art of civility. By its nature, litigation involves argument, but an effective litigator is able to use persuasion as a powerful tool in swaying a decision. Civility is the high road that Mr. Potter uses before the judge to keep the balance in his favor. There is a time for short, loud arguments, but not often, and Mr. Potter stays very aware of the few times he can use that approach. He has been successful because of his ability to fight for his clients with determination, respect, intelligence and grace.

Mr. Potter has a dedicated staff that is as committed to the legal process, and because they are not a large firm, they stay well-focused, which is a tremendous benefit for the clients. . Cal Potter is an expert litigator who achieves justice for his clients.

C. J. Potter

C. J. Potter

A Competitive Spirit Determines a Litigator

Among the most advantageous of all the traits that determine n accomplished trial attorney, the competitive spirit ranks at the top. This characteristic is one that cannot be learned or acquired, but it is an innate part of the legal tool kit of successful attorneys. This competitive spirit is inbred in effective litigators, and they are ready to win in any situation, to prove the truth. Cal Potter is focused on justice, so his practice is established not only to find the details that would acquit his client, but also to win the not guilty verdict in court. This is the competitive spirit, and a trial attorney who thrives on the more difficult cases must have this natural trait.

This characteristic is obvious in a trial when unplanned moments arise, and they never phase a litigator like Cal Potter. This could be the “One Thing” that could win or lose a case, so an expert litigator does not bypass the opportunity. To Mr. Potter, there are no routine trials and the excitement of the victory is in every moment. Mr. Potter learned early in his career that he appreciates the challenge, and now after 35 years, he is driven to represent and win the more difficult cases.

If your charges are weighing you down, it’s time you contact the Potter Law Firm to schedule a free consultation. This meeting will allow you to discuss the details of the charges and learn your rights according to Nevada law. Whether you are a resident or a tourist, if the crimes were committed in Nevada, Mr. Potter has the experience and the qualities of a superb trial attorney to bring you as close to justice as possible. He is also licensed in surrounding states if the charges are from outside Nevada. His motto remains that every person deserves his day in court and that would improve the entire legal system.

Policeman in uniform with sunglasses on gray backgroundThe Potter Law Firm Has Benefits for the Client

With over two million residents in the city of Las Vegas, it is not surprising that the majority of crime in Nevada takes place here. Las Vegas has a crime index of 13, which means the crime rate of Las Vegas is safer than 13 percent of the cities in the United States. Your chances of becoming a victim of violent crime in Vegas are 1 in 127 while the odds in the entire state of Nevada are 1 in 166. There are 181 crimes per square mile in Vegas annually and 23 in the state of Nevada. The average total crimes per year are 41 in 1,000, and if you are one of those who are charged, then you should obtain a criminal defense trial lawyer quickly.

Cal Potter started the Potter Law Firm in 1984. The 80s and 90s were thriving years for Las Vegas, and Cal Potter spent his time developing a successful law firm that was a benefit for his clients. As he gained experience as a criminal defense lawyer, his natural characteristics of confidence and charisma in the courtroom emerged, and he gained tremendous wins. His knowledge of the law and his talent as an attorney began to develop and his reputation grew.

Along with his personal growth as a trial attorney, he was fine-tuning his law firm into a conscientious staff that exercised expertise in research, computer skills, investigational skills, but above all, still had compassion for the client.

The Potter Law Firm is not a corporate structure of many attorneys, but Cal Potter has carefully selected a legal staff to assist him in every case. This contributes to the efficiency and quality of the work on your case. The Potter Law Firm adheres to the highest standards, which is a major reason why Cal Potter takes on the most difficult cases.

potter 012Interpersonal Skills are a Defense Lawyer's Strongest Asset

Someone who has been charged with a felony in the bustling city of Las Vegas should realize that with all the added glitz and glimmer about the city, there will be an abundance of lawyers to compensate for the extra activity. This means that many of the lawyers will not have the experience and skills that Cal Potter has accumulated over 30 years as an impressive trial attorney. It takes time, diligent work and thousands of cases to develop expert legal skills in a professional trial lawyer.

One of the top skills of a successful criminal defense attorney is using interpersonal skills. A lawyer deals with people all day long, but more than that they must be able to read people in an instant. Everyday Cal Potter meets with clients, manages his staff, deals with other lawyers in different agencies and government offices, but most importantly, he represents you in a court of law. Above all the interpersonal relationships that he conducts on an everyday basis, he must be able to effectively read the emotions in a situation so that he can respond appropriately for your case.

If a trial attorney does not have these skills or has not won enough cases to hone them into valuable assets, then he or she may miss a significant detail in the case, which could mean the difference between freedom and incarceration. No detail can be ignored or lost especially when the case is yours, complicated and confusing or high-profile.

Mr. Potter is drawn toward complicated cases because he is assured of his abilities and his relationship skills. He knows when he must be aggressive, and when he should be kind, and he does both well. When a client meets Mr. Potter in the law firm, he knows immediately that Cal Potter is accustomed to assessing and handling every situation with confidence. Contact Mr. Potter for a free consultaion.

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