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    Time and again, in movies and on television shows, you see characters being told they have the right to remain silent. The reality is this represents one of the most important rights you possess if you have been arrested for a crime in Las Vegas. You need to take your right to remain silence very seriously. Do Not Answer Questions without a Lawyer Odds are that you will be told you will make the whole process go easier for you if you cooperate with law enforcement officials. If you answer questions, you will end up with a more favorable resolution of your case. Law enforcement officials, and crime investigators, time and again pressure people in the criminal justice system to

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    There are few things in life more frightening than being charged with a crime. A felony conviction can at the least result in a hefty fine and years behind bars. Even a misdemeanor conviction can result in a loss of freedom, the depletion of your resources and the ruination of your career and personal reputation. This is why anyone charged with an offense in or around Las Vegas will require proper legal representation, the type that can be provided by a criminal defense attorney. Anyone charged with an offense is not automatically subject to criminal sanctions. Those so charged are under the American legal system considered innocent until they either plead guilty or are convicted in a criminal court. However,

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    Police often act as though they are entitled to a conviction following an arrest, but the truth is that many times police officers conduct arrests that are clearly in violation of constitutional rights for suspects who arrested on borderline charges. At Potter Law we understand this situation, and see the predicament for our clients far too often. Many defendants feel powerless to do anything about a criminal charge of any type, but the truth is that the power ultimately belongs to the defendant. All they truly need is solid representation from a criminal defense attorney who understands how to present an effective defense to any criminal charge. A typical defendant will make little progress attempting to negotiate a plea agreement

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    With the technology that fills society today, think twice before getting into an accident and turning it into road rage. On Wednesday, KSNV, Channel 3 News, reported that a 34-year-old woman driver had just exploded into crazy road rage after making an incorrect lane change during on I-95 Thursday afternoon in Las Vegas. That would have been the end of it, fender-benders happen every day, but this motorist lost it, and the motorist she hit, caught it all on their cell phone. Her extreme road rage stopped traffic as she flashed the other driver as she hurled profanities the entire time. The video was posted on News 3 and Facebook and viewed more than 30,000 times. Then, on top of

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    The Las Vegas Sun recently reported that a woman, whose name has been withheld, was arrested for allegedly robbing two Las Vegas banks just an hour apart. She went into Wells Fargo first and then went to the Bank of America one hour later. The suspect was later arrested by the Las Vegas police only three hours later on Saturday afternoon. Nevada takes robbery very seriously, especially when it puts innocent people in jeopardy. It can be a very complicated charge because there are many elements included in the statue. NRS 200.380 has the definition according to Nevada statutes, and it is a significant detail to note whether force was used or not. Robbery is a category B felony, which

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    Murder is defined as the "attack against a person," and it is by far the most serious criminal act that comes to trial. There are varying degrees of an "attack against a person," some of which include manslaughter, attempted murder, trafficking, justifiable homicide, and self-defense, and the penalties take on the degrees of punishment to match the crime. Typically, the defendant can be sentenced anywhere from 1 year to life imprison, and NRS 200 completely defines the different penalties that are associated with the charge. Certainly, the intentional death of a child is more than abuse and neglect combined. Here is the story of little Abygail Bennet, the fourth homicide in Henderson this year. Abygail, 3, was at home with

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