Defending Clients Against Nevada Animal Abuse Charges

A biotech firm in California is being forced to pay a $3.5 million fine after the U.S. Department of Agriculture accused them of mistreating animals that they used for research. Santa Cruz Biotechnology has additionally lost its ability to import, buy or trade animals. This California case is a high-profile one. However, charges of animal

Nevada Armed Robbery Charges

One man is accused of robbing a Domino’s near UNLV on May 13. Police say that the suspect brandished a handgun before telling store employees to empty out the cash register. He fled the scene with an undisclosed amount of money. Based on Nevada’s robbery laws, which are defined in NRS 200.380, the suspect could

Don’t Face Felony Charges Alone

Las Vegas resident Joey Kadmiri has been sentenced to 10 years after being convicted of a host of offenses. Court documents say that Kadmiri was arrested after being caught trying to steal costumes and props from the Thunder from Down Under show at the Excalibur. When confronted by performers, Kadmiri tried to argue that he

Having a Winning Criminal Defense Team

What Makes a Winning Criminal Defense Team? Whatever the criminal charge you may be facing, it is imperative that you understand your legal rights. There are always options for the defendant, such as plea bargaining, where the prosecution agrees to lesser charges and the defendant agrees to plead guilty to them, but unless you are

Domestic Violence and the 2nd Amendment

Battery Domestic Violence Charge in Nevada Requires Revoking all Firearms Domestic Violence is one of the most misunderstood charges on the Nevada books. Battery domestic violence involves violence or abuse between people who live together typically spouses and other family members. Because of the intense media and political attention that surround domestic violence cases, this

Can You Cover Your Casino Marker?

Make Sure your Bank Account Can Cover Your Marker Las Vegas has a unique crime that most of the country does not have because gambling is legal in this state. Most players in the casinos do not like carrying around large amounts of cash while they are playing, so, as a courtesy, the casinos in

Right to Remain Silent

When You’ve Been Arrested, It’s Always Better to Remain Silent When you have a competent defense attorney for your criminal case, there is no need for you to talk about your case. Offering information to police or corrections officers usually only makes your case worse. In the busy city of Las Vegas, you stand up

Driver May Be Facing Felony Hit-and-Run Charges

A recent accident is a reminder of the dangers of jaywalking. It was 9:30 pm when Christopher Rivera was crossing Tropicana Avenue outside of a designated crosswalk. Anyone familiar with the street knows how busy it is. A yellow Ford truck, which was occupied by two men who were described by eyewitnesses as being in

Stipulated Sentences in Las Vegas

What is a Stipulated Sentence? A stipulated sentence appears in a case where a plea bargain has been reached in a criminal case. When a plea bargain is reached in court, a stipulated sentence or a joint recommendation is when the defense, you and your attorney, and the prosecution, which is typically the district attorney,

Charged with a Crime?

Drop the Charges, so the Defendant Goes Free Have you ever heard of the victim on a movie or a TV show drop the charges and the police dismissed the case? Well, that only works in the movies, that’s not how it works in real life, no matter what the crime. In a real case,